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Independent Research Program

One-on-one faculty mentoring, independent learning, intercultural development, and a
community of professors and students who are fully engaged in the academic experience.

What & Where Can You Research in Italy?

ISI Abroad offers a range of courses in each program destination, with research options in each. Explore general information below and then contact an admissions advisor to begin discussing program fit and your research topic. Your advisor will then connect you with your academic mentor for the research experience.

Your Journey Begins Here!

Ready to Research in Italy?

Review third-party scholarship options.

Explore your future classrooms in Florence.

Explore your future classrooms
in Perugia

Read tips from program alumni.


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Have you Already Applied?

Once you've applied both through ISI Abroad and your home college or university's study
abroad office, check out the items below to prepare for the experience of a lifetime in Italy!

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