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Health, Wellness & Safety

ISI Abroad is committed to providing as a safe environment that enables students to study, learn and enjoy their time abroad safely. Our Health and Safety Advisory Board assists the Institute in the following: 

  • Development of pre-departure materials, orientations sessions and workshops.

  • Continual assessment of health, wellness and safety risks and provide support and training to manage risks.

  • Monitoring and reviewing health, wellness and safety policies, procedures and arrangements.

  • Performing investigations into students’ health and safety concerns.

  • Ensuring that facilities’ safety & emergency protocols are in place and remain effective.

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Pre-Departure Advising

So you have students excited about attending your program; now it’s time to make sure they are well-informed and well-prepared for the experience, particularly when it comes to health and safety. 


ISI Abroad’s University Relations team offers virtual pre-departure webinars (in-person sessions available for some locations), provide guidance on health and safety concerns including medication needs, special accommodations, health and mental health insurance coverage, counseling, wellness abroad and of course safety and security policies and advice.

Support is Always Available 

ISI Abroad programs provide a 24/7 emergency support line managed by our own local staff. We also created our own smartphone application (for Apple & Android) so that students can review information on trusted local healthcare providers, book non-urgent medical appointments, access local details on emergencies, or contact a staff member with any concerns or questions. We are always there when needed.


Professional Counseling Services

We can all agree that mental well-being is as important as physical health, especially when studying abroad. To help ensure our students are set up for success, Umbra works with locally-based professional counselors who are able to assist students with tackling culture shock & homesickness, roommate issues, or pre-existing mental health needs. Both remote and in-person services are available.

Experienced & Dedicated Staff

Our programs in Perugia and Florence include an experienced and dedicated student services staff to address the needs of our students. This includes our Health, Safety and Wellness Coordinators who review our services including Title IV issues, Clery Act, DEIA, emergency phone services, medical and mental health services, safety and security compliance, handbooks, orientation and workshops and more.


Assistance for Students Traveling

Students are encouraged to travel and explore during their free time. This promotes independence as well as an opportunity to learn more about their host country, themselves, and beyond. Umbra staff are well-trained and equipped to provide support and guidance to students whenever and wherever they travel before, during, and after students’ independent travel. Umbra students always know assistance is there when needed.

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