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Trasimeno Archaeology Field School

Discover the theories and methods of archaeological research and fieldwork as applied to the civilizations that shaped the history and culture of central Italy.

Enjoy Hands-On Activities as You Uncover History

Take 2 courses for 6-weeks (earning 6 credits). The courses include field trips to various archaeological and cultural sites, including an overnight trip to Rome. Field trips are designed to show you the territory's history and a context for your archaeological discoveries.

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About the Excavation Site

Students live in scenic Castiglione del Lago along Lake Trasimeno and commute most mornings, by private bus, to the archaeological site near the shores of Lake Chiusi. Surrounded by the rolling hills of the Italian countryside, students work alongside faculty and staff to uncover a Roman villa, including its thermal infrastructures, mosaics, and what appears to be a Roman road. The project is projected to take years to complete and provide significant insight into the local history. Program participants cooperate with the local archaeological museum by cataloging artifacts from the dig and supporting the creation of English-language displays so that locals and tourists alike can reflect on the area’s Roman past.

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