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Develop an Integrated Curriculum
Because every student should have the opportunity to study abroad

ISI Abroad recognizes that it isn’t always easy to find study abroad opportunities for every major. Therefore we take every opportunity to explore ways that we can grow alongside our partnering institutions to create study opportunities for students of diverse academic backgrounds and interests. Over the years we have found that one of the best ways to do so is by working closely with a university partner to develop an academic program that directly fits the curricular needs of students in a specific major or department. Let us work with you to develop a program that is the perfect fit!

Examples include ISI Abroad’s collaboration with The University of Maryland’s Physics Department and The Pennsylvania State University’s Biology Department who have both helped develop courses to meet the curricular needs of junior-year STEM students abroad.

How Do We Do It?

First: The discussion begins with a college or university’s study abroad office
and the campus department that is interested in developing unique international
opportunities for their students.


Second: We work with academic departments on curricular mapping and course
equivalency that will help identify ISI Abroad courses that best align with the
specific degree path. If necessary, we can develop any courses required and even
adopt your university’s syllabi.


Third: Our teams identify professors on-site who are active in their field and
qualified to teach the courses required for the concentration.


Fourth: We support the program’s promotion, working closely with campus
representatives to help counsel students on the curricular options and making
the most of the study abroad experience.


Fifth: We welcome your students for an enjoyable and academically rigorous
program with courses fully transferrable for their major.

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