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Downloadable Flyers and Brochures

Here you can download the latest ISI Abroad brochures and flyers for our programs in Florence and Perugia. Each file provides an overview of one of our many special programs and can be viewed on your computer, shared as a link, or printed in full color. Enjoy!


Note: You may need Adobe
Reader to view and print
all documents.

ISI Abroad Community Engagement

YOUR EXPERIENCE ABROAD IS WHAT YOU MAKE OF IT. At ISI Florence, students are encouraged to dig deep into their adopted home, dissolving the false boundary between “engaged student” and “engaged citizen.” Community Engagement at ISI Florence offers students an unprecedented opportunity to connect with Italians and integrate themselves into the local community, receiving course credit and an invaluable cross-cultural learning experience.


ISI Florence STEM Studies

With its several thousand years of civilization woven into its legendary urban texture, Florence embodies all that the Renaissance sought to bring back to life. Experience the history of science while studying physics in an innovative European cultural center and university city. Discover first-hand the works of scientific greats like Leonardo Da Vinci, Gallileo Gallilei, Filippo Brunelleschi, and Antonio Meucci.

ISI Florence Fashion Studies

Students at ISI Florence will have the opportunity to explore the history and evolution of Italian fashion over the centuries; become excellent communicators through fashion writing for the world of designers and stylists of all ages and backgrounds; take marketing courses to analyze digital communication strategies; and learn the secrets of success of Italian brands everyone knows and loves. All fashion courses will be a combination of interactive lectures, in-class discussions, case analysis, guest lectures, and exclusive site visits for a unique experience abroad!


ISI Florence Architecture Studies

The Architecture Program takes students on a semester-long journey through a combination of challenging academics and pre-professional experiences. ISI students explore the relationship between creation and conservation, aesthetic concerns and technical excellence, and national and international perspectives. The program encourages individual exploration and self-expression as students conceptualize contemporary architecture in the context of Florence’s rich architectural history and the peerless backdrop of Italy. The vibrant in-class curriculum is further enriched by community involvement and an emphasis on learning both in the classroom and beyond.

Umbra Institute Archaeology Field School

The Trasimeno Archaeology Field School is based in Castiglione del Lago, a town perched on the shimmering shores of Lake Trasimeno among the green hills of Umbria. The academic program and field excursions offer a curricular concentration in applied archaeology and classical history of central Italy. Recent campaigns in the territory of Castiglione have revealed significant archaeological remains, including Roman homes, building complexes, sarcophagi, and ancient roads—an exciting, backdrop for any aspiring archaeologist. The main objective of the Field School is to assess the original pattern of life and impact in the area, and to subsequently understand its development since antiquity.


Center for Food, Sustainability, & Environmental Studies

Italy is at the forefront of promoting the essential links between food and a healthy, sustainable environment. This makes it a natural choice for students who want to explore these subjects in a unique, immersive study abroad program. View the flyer for an abbreviated overview of the Center’s curricular concentrations in Food Studies and Environmental Studies & Sustainability.

Scholars Research Program

Highly-motivated students are encouraged to engage in an independent research project designed to complement their degree and, in some cases, graduate school ambitions. While under the mentorship of an ISI Abroad professor, the goal is to push students to expand their intellectual and personal boundaries and develop a sense of autonomy to explore, discover, learn, and create new ideas in an international setting.


ISI Abroad Internship Opportunities

Internship opportunities offer career preparation beyond the books. One- and two-month credit-bearing summer internship opportunities are available in Perugia, Italy. Both Umbra and Florence offer a limited selection of semester internships which give students an opportunity to expand their perspective, step out of their comfort zone, and thrive in diverse and dynamic learning environments as they develop career competencies abroad.

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